NOSHA was formed to provide an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and exchange ideas and to promote awareness of Secular Humanist viewpoints in the community. We strive to make the public aware of the importance of separation of church and state, to oppose the teaching of creationism and other religious exercises in public schools, and to provide a voice of reason when superstition is presented in the media.

Statement of Principles

  • We reject efforts to denigrate human intelligence, to explain the world in supernatural terms, and to look outside nature for salvation.
  • We believe in enjoying life here and now and in developing our creative talents to their fullest.
  • We believe in the common moral decencies: altruism, integrity, honesty, truthfulness and responsibility. Humanist ethics are amenable to critical, rational guidance and normative standards exist that we discover together. Moral principles are tested by their consequences.
  • We affirm humanism as both a realistic alternative to theologies of despair and ideologies of violence and as a source of rich personal significance and genuine satisfaction in service to others.
  • We believe in the fullest realization of the best and noblest that we are capable of as human beings.


Quick Stats

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