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Hello SHHP Mates! It's that time of year again where we hop off the boat and get our steps in at the Walk To End HIVThis year the STD/HIV/Hepatitis program is giving out

Free Hugs,

 Spreading Love, and

 Reducing Stigma

 In honor of the national "U equals U" campaign we would like to raise awareness about HIV treatment and it's effectiveness. Individuals living with HIV who take their medication as prescribed can achieve an Undetectable status.  This means that person cannot transmit HIV, or in other words, that person is Untransmittable. 

 Undetectable = Untransmittable

 In efforts to reduce stigma and lift those who are living with HIV while preventing HIV transmission in those not living with HIV, our goal is to raise 


 We are asking YOU to contribute to these efforts by donating and joining us at this year's walk. Hope to see you soon!


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$980.00 Raised
12 Participants

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