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History and mission

The HIV Outpatient Program (HOP) is an established Ambulatory Care Department within the Infectious Disease Services of University Medical Center New Orleans. HOP was founded by Dr. Ted Wisniewski in 1987 as an outgrowth of the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans/Charity Hospital Infectious Disease Clinic.

Since its inception, HOP has provided care to thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS. The mission of HOP is to support and promote the health and well-being of people living with HIV by providing high-quality healthcare services. HOP believes that all people living with HIV deserve compassionate care from skilled, dedicated professionals, regardless of socioeconomic status. HOP is committed to improving the quality of services and furthering the quality of care in the region through continuous collaborations with community partners to include research and education.


The HIV Outpatient Program (HOP) has been recognized nationally for its multidisciplinary approach and serves as a medical home for people living with HIV. Many services are available to people who receive their primary medical care with HOP. Some of the services include social services, behavioral health, dental care, health education, nutrition education, lab services, dental services, and medication assistance. Specialty services may also include women’s health services, pain management, diabetes management, lung and breathing management, and oncology services.


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