Joshua Adams

Team Captain Prep Pushers Chevron Walk to End HIV

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When I first tested positive for HIV, it changed my life. I went through all of the typical emotions that most newly POZ individuals experience: fear, regret, the irrational belief that I was tainted and dirty. Less than a month later, I walked in my first walk. When I saw how many people were affected by the virus, it lifted my spirits and made me realize I was not alone. After I became more confident in the new person I had become after the mental trauma of dealing with the diagnosis, I began to do research, raise money for the cause, and reach out to those that were newly affected by the virus. I realized that I have a responsibility to do more than just live with the virus. I have a responsibility to teach those that reach out after testing positive, inform those that aren't affected by the virus about the science involved in modern treatment, informing the general public about Prep and the inability to transmit if you take medication properly, and to teach the upcoming youth about those that came before them (that had to die) in order for us to live. May we never forget the day that families stormed the White House and dumped the ashes of deceased loved ones onto the lawn, demanding that the United States government step in and take a stance against the fight of the HIV epidemic that killed so many beautiful souls!


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