Rodney Thoulion

Team Captain CrescentCare Chevron Walk to End HIV

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I walk so one day we don't have to live in a world with HIV

My story is personal and the fight was real.  Back in the early 90s until the early 2000s I took care of someone who was diagnosed with what was then called full blown AIDS.  I watched in horror as this person whom I loved fought for his life in the hospital.  I watched as he tried to down pills he called White Elephants because he had to take so many.  What infection wasn't destroying it seemed like he was being poisoned the rest of the way.  I watched a 180 pound man dip below 140.  I watched him waste before my eyes!  Thankfully, the cocktail eventually saved his life and today he is undetectable and living a normal life.  But that's only because he follows a regimen.  Today, he can love without fear because Undetectable mean Untransmittable.  

Other reasons I walk:

  1. New Orleans remains in the top 5 cities for new HIV infections.
  2. CrescentCare is at the forefront of HIV care for more than 35 years in New Orleans.
  3. CrescentCare serves more than 3,500 people living with HIV
  4. Infections continue to grow in those ages 13-24
  5. Black males in New Orleans have a 1 in 2 chance on contracting the virus
  6. Education is key and CrescentCare Prevention reaches more than 30,000 annually
  7. CrescentCare is innovative in approach beginning a Rapid Start program with seeing people who believe they were infected within 72 hours and getting them on a regime.  The goal is to get the person to undetectable in 30 days.


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