Are you a new fundraiser to the Chevron Walk to End HIV? Get started by taking the Club 2Fifty Challenge and set a fundraising goal of $250! Challenge 

Beginning a fundraising campaign can sometimes seem overwhelming. But, if you set an easily attainable goal and break that goal down in to even simpler steps, you’ll find that fundraising is not only easy, but is also a fun way of connecting people that you know and getting them involved in a cause that you support.

Here’s an easy way to raise $250 in just one day:

• Donate $20 to yourself

• Ask 4 people you know to donate $20 each to your challenge

• Ask 8 people you know to donate $10 each to your challenge

• Ask 14 people you know to donate $5 each to your challenge

That’s $250!

Now imagine if all 2,000 people in attendance at this year’s Walk took the Club 2Fifty Challenge. That would be a fundraising total of at least $500,000 to support services in our community for people living with HIV/AIDS and to increase awareness and prevention of the disease. Raising $250 would mean more meals served, more free HIV tests administered, more transportation available to get individuals to medical appointments, more counseling services, and more educational outreach to decrease the number of new infections. This is all possible (and easily done) by taking the Club 2Fifty Challenge. It’s a challenge to get everyone you know to support what you believe in. It’s making a commitment to fighting AIDS in our community. It’s fun and; It’s easy to do! When you raise $250, you receive the official commemorative Walk to End HIV t-shirt to proudly wear at the event and after, letting everyone who sees you know that you made a difference in the lives of those affected by HIV in our community.