About CrescentCare

NO/AIDS Task Force was recognized in November 2013 as a Federally Qualified Health Center.  After serving the New Orleans community for 30 years as a healthcare leader in HIV/AIDS services, the Task Force moves forward as CrescentCare, a total community, homegrown healthcare provider that sees all patients with or without insurance.  We want to be your choice for a primary medical home.  Below are some facts about CrescentCare:  

  • CrescentCare has daily COVID testing Monday - Friday at 1631 Elysian Fields Avenue for patients 1 and over.  You need not be a current patient of CrescentCare to get tested.  All testing is walk-in testing.  No appointment is needed.
  • CrescentCare Health and Wellness Center is now offering affordable, accessible and patient-centered healthcare for ALL
  • We have a second location at 3308 Tulane Avenue (the Marine Building), near the intersection of Tulane and Jefferson Davis Boulevard.  This location is not conducting COVID testing.
  • As a Federally Qualified Health Center, CrescentCare will offer a range of health and wellness services for anyone seeking healthcare services in Greater New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana.
  • CrescentCare is designed to provide quality health services to individuals, couples and families that seek a regular physician and a “medical home” where they can consistently go for care.
  • The center now offers:
    • Primary care for adults
    • Primary care in pediatrics for children and families
    • Specialized care for the lesbian, gay and bisexual community
    • Behavioral health services
    • Case management
    • HIV and STD services and support
    • Infectious disease consultation
    • Dental care
    • Nutrition counseling
    • OB/GYN services
    • Transgender care
    • Medication assistance
    • Health education classes and employment counseling
    • A PrEP clinic and Hepatitis C treatment program

The organization focuses on patients in Greater New Orleans who come from traditionally underserved communities:

  • The food service and hospitality industry
  • The LBGT community
  • Neighborhoods of Greater New Orleans that have been slow to redevelop or have had limited access to care
  • CrescentCare accepts commercial insurance, Medicaid and Medicare and will serve all patients on a sliding fee scale, regardless of income or insurance status
  • For more information on our services, locations and more, please visit www.crescentcarehealth.org.
  • Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

History and Founding 

  •  NO/AIDS Task Force was recognized as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in November 2013
  • The recognition acknowledged 30 years of experience improving health outcomes for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

FAQs about CrescentCare

Why the Name CrescentCare?

We selected CrescentCare because it is a broader, more inclusive name that still has a regional sound to it. We did not want to imply, as the name “NO/AIDS” does, that our services are limited to only HIV/AIDS. CrescentCare is more general and reflects the broader scope of the health and wellness services we’re offering: primary care, OB/GYN services, behavioral health, etc.

Plus, we don’t want clients to assume our new center is only focused HIV/AIDS services (though these services will be offered in the new location, among many others!)

Will NO/AIDS Task Force Still Exist?

Absolutely! We’ve put a lot of hard work into our programs and services under NO/AIDS Task Force and we’ve made a very significant impact in our community. We certainly don’t want to lose any of this impact, or slow the momentum of the hard work our team provides. With that in mind, all of our HIV/AIDS programs and services will remain branded to NO/AIDS, which will now be referenced as “a division of CrescentCare.” 

How Will CrescentCare Benefit for Our Community?

We have never been better positioned to make a positive impact on our community as we are today. As a federal-qualified health center (FQHC), we can offer MORE service and MORE support to MORE people in Southeastern Louisiana.

We can now build on the expertise we have in the HIV/AIDS area to improve and expand these services, while adding to them the many health and wellness services that this community both needs and deserves. Our region has been an underserved market in many ways, and CrescentCare is going to help change that.

CrescentCare will serve our clients regardless of health, economic or insurance status and we will continue to do so, while especially welcoming new clients from among our community neighbors, service industry personnel, our local LGBT community and those who have had limited access to health services … all this, plus insured individuals and families who are looking for a medical home.

I Want to Help Spread the Word! What Should I Tell People About CrescentCare?

Tell them that the services and programs under NO/AIDS are now expanding—and that the change is a very good one!

CrescentCare expands on our focus on HIV/AIDS to now include broader community-based wellness services for everyone in Southeast Louisiana, regardless of health, economic or insurance status.

We especially welcome our local community neighbors, service industry personnel (food service and hospitality), our LGBT community and those who have had limited access to health services … whether insured or uninsured … anyone who is seeking a “medical home” for their care.

You can also tell them that our new health center at 3308 Tulane Avenue offers a wide range of new services, including primary care for adults and families, behavioral health services, infectious disease referrals and services and preventive health and wellness. In the future we will also offer dentistry, pharmacy support, nutrition and women’s health services … all onsite in one location!